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Brockwell Hall, Grade II* Listed

Brixton, Lambeth

Letting the Past Enhance the Future

Brockwell Hall is a Grade II* listed mansion house from 1811 that now sits within the wonderful 1896 Brockwell Park laid out by Lt.-Col. JJ Sexby. The project is funded by the Heritage Fund and has involved PRS leading and developing a successful Round 2 submission to the NLHF with proposals that meet important key outcomes benefitting heritage, people, and communities.

The whole project has developed from a detailed Conservation Plan and significance study that was agreed with local stakeholders and Historic England. Ultimately, this is a community-led project that has developed through working closely with all key local groups led by the stakeholder forum for the park, the Brockwell Park Community Partners (BPCP).

The project involves restoring the Hall to its former glory. The principal reception rooms will be cleared of the current clutter of unsightly kitchens to make way for new gallery spaces for the exhibition and interpretation of the history of the park, the Hall that sits within it, and the communities that engage with both. The currently inaccessible Painted Room, with its original 1896 Henry Strachey wall hangings, will become the heart of the transformed café that will spill out onto the south-facing terrace. A new Community Events Space will be created within the current Stables Yard to function as a local hub and event venue for schools and the local community.

The project will bring level public access to the buildings and open up many parts of the original ensemble of buildings and spaces that are closed off. As an essential part of the project, the park landscape immediately surrounding the buildings will be restored to capture and allow the interpretation of key features of the original park design, such as the Pleasure Ground, the small classical temple folly, and the relationship to local meadows, the Kitchen Garden, Herne Hill, and Central London.

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