Cranleigh Art Department

Cranleigh, London

Following completion of the Emms building, Pringle Richards Sharratt worked with the School’s works department to develop the design and implement the second phase of the masterplan - the relocation of the Art department.

Initial stages of the project included detailed brief taking from the various departments and working closely with the teachers in order to optimise the available space in the designated buildings. The Rhodes building required substantial structural alteration to allow the creation of large studios on three levels; the old Chemistry Building was stripped out to reveal the original architecture of the rooms - one of the first purpose-built science teaching buildings. The old squash courts were also refurbished to accommodate art facilities.

The project involved the demolition of unsightly post-WWII science buildings and the re-landscaping of part of the site.

The work was completed over the summer of 2010, ready for the start of term in the autumn.

The original concept - for which planning consent has been granted - included a new building to the north of the site, and substantial adjustment to the topography; when implemented this would create a new ‘court’ as a focus for the Art department.

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