23 to 25 Tontine Street

Folkestone, Kent

Pringle Richards Sharratt were appointed by the Roger De Haan Charitable Trust to work with the Creative Foundation to design a series of mixed use projects in the heart of Folkestone’s Old Town to support creative industries and provide living accommodation for those who work in the creative industries.

This project is one of three the practice has been appointed to design as part of a wider three phase master plan that we were also appointed to prepare. 

One of the fundamental objectives of this particular project is to address and counter the turning away of the surrounding buildings from the central area of open land known as Payers Park which was regenerated as part of the 2014 Folkestone Triennial curated by Lewis Biggs.

Our approach has been to reestablish the original building form and line of number 23 and 25 Tontine Street and to dramatically improve the amenity and appearance of the new buildings to the rear by removing the poor quality two storey extension added to the rear of 23 to 25 Tontine Street.  This allows pedestrian access, light, air, and landscaping as an extension of the newly completed Payers Park regeneration, deep into the site.  In turn this will begin the process of encouraging the buildings around Payers Park to extend a positive response to the park.

1,150 sq.m
£1.8 million