Saga Call Centre

Thanet, Kent

Over the past ten years Pringle Richards Sharratt has been commissioned by the SAGA group to design all three of their new build or refurbished office buildings.  In 2001 we were appointed to design and fit-out a Call Centre in Thanet.

The Call Centre in Thanet was Saga’s second major Call Centre, and was intended as a model for future facilities across the country.

The building was designed to accommodate 500 staff in the first phase with a further 250 staff in phase two.  Staff turnover is an important consideration in designing Call Centres and the client brief stressed the importance of providing a comfortable and stimulating working environment of exceptional quality.

The site provided little by way of external views so two ‘landscapes’ were introduced into the design. The first was a top-lit internal garden created in the heart of the building, extending through the building from the entrance foyer. 

In addition to enhancing the working environment the garden provides the location for coffee and breakout areas for the staff while at the same time subdividing the area into four individual working zones.

The second landscape is provided by a series of external garden courts and conservatories that extend along the southern elevation of the building providing light and visual interest to all the interior spaces. These areas are used for team meetings and as staff break-out or informal briefing areas – an idea years ahead of its time. The staff restaurant, training facilities and administrative office, and plantroom are accommodated beneath a mezzanine level.

Client Name
5,000 sq.m
£10 million