Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford University

Oxford, Oxfordshire

Oxford University has recognised, for a number of years, the benefits that could be achieved from the development of a more unified and rationally organized library system involving the many libraries funded by the University. This project is part of the Oxford University Library Service's strategy for a more integrated, more efficient and more user-friendly library service.
The proposals allow the Radcliffe Science/ Hooke Lending Library to play an important part in the OULS strategy to create “A University Library for the 21st Century. Over time it will also allow the incorporation of those departmental collections that wish to become integrated in the RSL-Hooke.
The scheme equips the RSL to act as the principal ‘hub’ for science and medicine reference and lending books at Oxford University. This is achieved by:

  • Enhancing integration between the two main above-ground components of the existing RSL/Hooke complex, the Worthington and Jackson Wings.
  • Providing a newly-designed entrance hall which will enable the combined RSL/Hooke to function as a lending library.
  • Providing more coherently arranged staff working areas.
  • Providing facilities which will allow the RSL/Hooke to comply with current building legislation for disabled access plus fire safety.

The scheme provides a replacement for the existing link between the Worthington and Jackson buildings and the creation of a more visibly logical entrance from the museum forecourt.

Client Name
£2.4 million